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2013年10月29日 星期二

什麼是集客式行銷 What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing can be a cost effective, long term marketing strategy where prospects come to you. There’s no more need for mailers, sales flyers, telemarketing, and other traditional forms of advertising. You have more control over bringing quality and qualified leads to your business.
集客式行銷是一種具前瞻性、低成本、長期的市場行銷策略,將會慢慢的取代 寄開發信 DM 傳單 電訪以及其他傳統廣而告知的模式 對如何帶來高質量及有效商機的行動上 企業將具有更大的掌握程度。

How Inbound Marketing Provides Value to Consumers
集客式行銷 如何對消費者加值

In regards to traditional forms of marketing, today’s consumers feel like they have seen it all, and they’re tired of being told what they “need” to buy. Advertising language, such as “New!, Buy!, and Act Now” is viewed as irrelevant and intrusive, and most consumers  simply ignore such messages. For this reason, people tend to disregard most outbound marketing strategies, which means TV ads are skipped, billboards are unnoticed, and mailers are left unopened.
在傳統的行銷模式中,現在的消費者感覺他們似乎天天都接受廣告轟炸,而且消費者真的很討厭不斷的被灌輸你要買這個買那個的訊息,一些廣告的用語,例如 新商品 快買 或是馬上採取購買行動等等,已經不能引起消費者任何的感覺,現在的消費者會自動的屏蔽這些訊息,或是把這些訊息視之為無關緊要,甚至覺得被冒犯了,因此現在的消費者對於傳統的廣告模式逐漸的冷感,這也就意味著 像電視廣告 招牌廣告 廣告單 廣告信等等,都已經慢慢的失去效用了。

What’s the Alternative?

Savvy marketers realize inbound marketing is a much better strategy for getting attention and making conversions. Instead of speaking atpeople, inbound marketing uses online tools, such as social media and blogging to form real connections and cultivate customer loyalty. Also, instead of trying to convince people to buy your products, you earn trust by giving something of value (entertainment, education, or both).
精明的市場開發者 發現集客式行銷是一種取得更多消費者關注並轉化成購買者的更好行銷策略 取代直接對消費者廣告 集客式行銷運用的是網路上的工具 例如社群媒體、部落格等發表內容 與消費者建立起真正的連結並培養消費者的忠誠度 而不是嘗試著去說服消費者購買你的商品 企業是經由提供有價值的內容(例如 娛樂 使用指南 等等)來贏得消費者的信任。

How Do Consumers Benefit?

Essentially, inbound marketing creates a shift in how businesses interact with people, and in many ways, it’s more on the side of consumers as they are given a better, more authentic experience. With content focused on value, customers can learn more about a company and their products or services. Through pictures, videos, and reviews, they can see products in action and receive unbiased opinions, and as business try to get noticed, they give consumers free information, ideas, how-to guides, entertainment, and more. Overall, instead of getting a sales pitch, consumers benefit from more transparency and content they can really use.
基本上來說 集客式行銷是建立一個企業與消費者相互往來的介面 在許多方面來說 集客式行銷更偏重於讓企業站在消費者的立場思考怎樣才能提供消費者更好更真實的體驗 由於提供的內容鎖定在對客戶有價值部份 消費者將會了解更多有關企業的服務或產品資訊 透過圖片 影片或是評論文章 消費者可以商品的使用方式 以及 接收到一些不偏頗的意見 同時就像企業嘗試著去了解的 企業提供消費者免費的資訊 想法 操作指南 娛樂 等等 而不是一大堆的廣告訊息 消費者則可以由這些資訊更清楚的了解企業提供什麼樣的服務或是商品 或是 由這些資訊更了解如何使用企業的服務或是商品 

How Do You Benefit?

By providing value, consumers will start coming to YOU through search engines, referrals, and social media. And that’s the root of what sets inbound marketing apart from other tactics — instead of begging for attention, you earn it. In return, you get much better results from your efforts and the potential to reach an unlimited audience.
透過提供這樣的價值 消費者會開始由搜尋引擎、媒介推薦聯結 以及社群媒體等地方, 發現您提供的資訊,進而認識您的企業 這也正是集客式行銷與其他行銷策略根本上不同的地方 取代哀求消費者注意的行銷方式 集客式行銷的策略是贏取消費者的注意 這樣做的回報就是 您努力提供的優質內容 可能會得到更好的行銷結果 並且讓更多的消費者注意到你

How to Make it Happen?

To get your business noticed online, you have to offer content on multiple fronts. For example, not only should you have an optimized website, but you should offer continual value through blogging, social networking, videos, white papers, guest blogs, comments, and other types of content that “pulls” people to you.
要讓您的企業在網路上被注意到 您必須持續性的提供多方面的內容 例如 您不僅意有一個經過優化的主官網 您還需要透過部落格 社群媒體 影片 官方報告 外圍的部落格 評論 以及其他各種能夠將消費者拉近來的優質內容。

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